Painted Romans image collage Mats and Jan Ottar playing

Song & Century (06.05.23)

The brand new album entitled "Song & Century" is now available as a download-only from the Bandcamp site. Ten songs plus a digital lyric card.

"Break" from streaming (03.04.23)

Heads up! Painted Romans will disappear from streaming and mp3 platforms for an unknown period of time. This shouldn’t be much of an inconvenience though because the Internet is a magical place. So in the meantime consider this:
- watch/listen on YouTube
- find every release on Bandcamp where the most popular one (Formation) is free to download, as is the brand new single
- stay informed through the mailing list on this website
- get in touch if you have questions
Thanks to all who have followed and put music in playlists etc. so far.
All best Mats D.

New Merchandise Store (17.03.23)

I am very pleased to announce that it's now possible to get Painted Romans band shirts and more. Have a look.

Taster from the forthcoming album (12.03.23)

A new full-length has been in the making for quite some time and there have not been any tasters... until now, that is. Sing to the Child reveals a sound and direction that might seem removed from the singles we put out during 2021 and '22. Indeed, the process took a somewhat unexpected turn early on and that led me into eploring other avenues. Artistic vision combines with pragmatism to produce what you hear in Sing to the Child, and this holds true for the album as a whole. To me, however, it sounds like the sum of nearly two decades of Painted Romans, and yet very fresh and unfamiliar.

The single is available to download from Bandcamp today at no cost. Nor is an e-mail address required. But do consider signing up for the mailing list anyway, either here or when you grab the single. E-mails go out only occasionally and it's a great way to stay in the loop.

Lyrics are available here.

New Rarities EP (10.12.22)

Beyond Gates of Reckoning - released today on Bandcamp - holds 4 rare recordings and quite possibly some of the best Romans music available. Read more about them on the Bandcamp page.

Cover for Beyond Gates of Reckoning EP

Dark Times in a Yorkshire Landscape - collaboration (03.12.22)

'It was 1981, Harry Gration read the news'. In a brand new single long-time collaborator Patrick Wray recalls some of his very early memories of when the Yorkshire Ripper was finally caught in 1981 after spreading terror over the North of England for several years in the late seventies and early eighties. Dark Times in a Yorkshire Landscape was written and sung in London by Patrick; music recorded and mixed in Trondheim. Available now on his Bandcamp and all major streaming services.

Cover for Dark Times single. Dark picture of wet street asphalt.

Formation (Antipole Remix) out now (19.08.22)

Formation (Antipole Remix) released as a single today. Here are a few places to listen, watch, or grab it.

Grab: Bandcamp
Listen: Spotify
Watch, either here or on YouTube
Plus a host of other regular platforms.

Onyx Music Reviews has this to say: "It was a nice post-punk/darkwave track before the remix, after the remix it has become super shiny and opalescence. It feels bigger, if that makes sense, like going from a nice flat screen to 3D. This just pops and adds extra beauty to this heart felt track".

I agree, the remix is a darkwave feast!

Follow the links to visit the artists behind the remix, ANTIPOLE and IAMTHESHADOW, on Facebook.

Formation (Antipole Remix) cover art, dark (black) background with purple-ish blue clouds at the bottom. Logo and title over it.

Formation (Antipole Remix) (15.08.22)

A brand new Formation darkwave remix hits all regular platforms on Friday 19th of August, remixed by ANTIPOLE and produced by Pedro Code from IAMTHESHADOW. Spotify users can pre-save it now. Downloaders will find it on Bandcamp. Here's a taster from the video that drops on YouTube the same day.

CDs available at the two shows on 4th of June (03.06.22)

We'll bring along two CD releases to the shows tomorrow. They are our latest album Heart as well as the last and long deleted Wallpaper Silhouettes album Hollow Earth. Obtain them by contacting us on location (for example after the show). It's an opportunity to save on shipping.

Collage picture with cover sleeves for Heart and Hollow Earth CDs

Live twice in one day (25.05.22)

Painted Romans are playing two shows on Musikkfest Trondheim on the 4th of June. They are:
Café 3B at 16:00 local time
Good Omens at 21:30 local time

So if you are in Trondheim you may want to swing by at least one of them. No cover charge as they are part of this year's Musikkfest programme.

Promo ad for Painted Romans two shows on the 4th of June 2022

Watch the acoustic performance (15.05.22)

Here's Mats' live YouTube performance from 6th of May.

Live streaming (04.05.22)

I promised I'd go onto YouTube and perform a song acoustically when our Tube channel hit 100 subscribers. Well, it did, so on I go. But to make it worthwhile for you I doubt I'll stop at one (wink wink)... plus I should really throw in something special as well... I know that time zones might work against many of you, but I really hope you can make it. Time is this Friday May 6 @ 23:00 CEST - that's in Norwegian time! Please see either the Facebook event page or something like timeanddate to find your local time.

video still of a laughing Mats from Memento Mori video blooper reel

YouTube subscriptions (25.04.22)

We are very to close to reaching the 100 subscribers mark on YouTube. A heartfelt thanks to everyone who subscribe to us. When we hit the mark I will do a nice acoustic version of one of our rockers. Looking forward to it!

Painted Romans YouTube channel

Screenshot of Painted Romans' YouTube channel

Live Online Event (23.03.22)

We will be performing at this year's Goths for Sanctuaries online festival.

The festival runs from 14.-19. April (that's the Easter Weekend) and is an around-the-clock event filled to the rim with music from bands, artists, and DJs. It will be possible to donate money that the organizers will distribute to a selection of animal rescues and sanctuaries around the world. This is the second edition of the festival, the first being held in 2020, and we are honoured to be part of this.

Event page: Goths for Sanctuaries event page
Main page: Goths for Sanctuaries main page

Goths for Sanctuaries advert

Season's Greetings! (26.12.21)

Thank you for listening
Thank you for sharing
Music is...
For dreaming
Longing, and

Is it not?

band photo taken in the evening, with Mats, Jan Ottar, and Thomas looking at camera

In The Hour Of Fear (17.12.21)

Cover sleeve of the new single portraying a creepy and frightened looking face, set against an old photography showing trees, some fog, and a fence. Title and names on the cover

The new single is out now on many a spooky platform. Here's a couple:


Email sent out (01.11.21)

The first email (newsletter) has been delivered to everyone who has signed up. If you don't find it in your inbox then please check your spam or contact us. Thank you!

Cut a piece off our HEART (05.10.21)

The Heart album marked "a return to roots" for Painted Romans. At the same time it paved the way for the group that came to replace this solo effort. One of the songs, Formation, bred a rising interest in the band. You know, I may have been at this for a relatively long time, but am certainly making the best music now.

But have you heard? Download enthusiasts can grab Heart at a reduced price until the 16th of October. That's 30 per cent off! Just enter this discount code during checkout: heartonthesleeve. You may also want to have a look at the CD, strictly limited to one hundred numbered copies. Wouldn't you want to be among the 0.000000000000000164 per cent in this world to call it yours?

HEART is currently being played in full (over six weeks) on the radio show Academy Alternative on 105.9 Academy FM Folkestone in Kent, UK. An honour indeed!

Sales ad for Heart minialbum

Memento Mori with live B-side and bonus video available from the Bandcamp store.

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