Song & Century - album 2023

Conceived in a dark, damp cellar; this ten track album is a result of a despairingly lone journey in search of a form of expression befitting to a sole performer.

Released online in May 2023, Song & Century carries style elements that will sound recognisable to anyone familiar with the eclectic back catalogue. But on Song & Century these are funnelled through a slightly gothic, post-industrialised dark folk and/or neofolk prism, ultimately creating a coherent and varied tapestry of music.

Song & Century album cover

Song & Century signalled a new direction for Painted, paving way for the double-track single Dreaming Is Dying/Gold in Silence, plus a host of new songs that are expected to find their way onto the interwebs and hopefully some form of CD as well in 2024.

Currently only available on streaming and download platforms EDIT: Now available as a lovingly homemade CDR edition in very small numbers, touched-up and remastered, check it out and get your copy from Bandcamp.

Song & Century CD

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Painted Romans is a long-standing eclectic solo act turned band on several occasions over the years. Paradoxically it wasn’t until 2020, the year of seeming apocalypse, when unexpected DJ and listener response dragged Painted Romans out of the dark and thus ended an era of total obscurity. Read more...

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