Painted Romans is and always was a kind of diary; a place to put down so called poems and ideas about love and hope and lust and desire and aims and struggle and pain... life's many shades... While indeed, instrumental music must itself be regarded as poetry.
The project may be considered a continuation of what has always been, still is, and forever will be. Maybe it picks up on the remains of Small Town Music of the late nineties. Maybe it is an extension of the hard-gigging unit of Wallpaper Silhouettes (which conquered the mindset during the years 1999 to 2006). In any case, Painted Romans have been "around" for some fourteen odd years now, and there is certainly some kind of form - element - that binds it all together.
Painted Romans is the singular Mats Davidsen, mostly alone, though sometimes in highly valued company of others.
There have been a few collaborations too, notably: Patrick Wray & Mats have released an EP on cassette and digital. Mats contributed vocals and bass to an Antipole track, as well as bass, keyboards, backing vocals, and sound production on four tunes by YellowOrangeSunset.

Please also read "The Past in the Now?" for some background and history.

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