Mats Davidsen formed Wallpaper Silhouettes in the 90s and later went more or less solo with Painted Romans. He has collaborated with others, notably Antipole and Patrick Wray.

WS received critical acclaim in and outside of Norway during 1999-2006 and was hailed as one of the few Norwegian new wave acts at the time. However, acclaim never translated to any form for commercial success. After years of live activity and two albums the band became disillusioned and fell apart. Drawing on the musical remains of WS and old and new solo material, Davidsen released many low key and eclectic albums, singles and EPs over the next decade and a half.

Davidsen fell in love with post-punk, new wave, goth and similar music as a kid in the 80s and began making his own by age seven (forming WS at ten in 93). The output certainly reflects influences such as The Cure, Depeche Mode, Gene Loves Jezebel, The Laughing Academy, Music For Pleasure, The Mission, The Danse Society, The Associates, The Chameleons, and Play Dead, to name a few.

In 2020 Painted Romans reconstituted as a band consisting of Davidsen, Jan Ottar Nystad (synthesiser and guitar), and Thomas Sejn├Žs (bass guitar), and returned to roots with the postpunk mini-album 'Heart' which has gained traction due to the darkwave single 'Formation' and even landing spots on a few best of 2020 lists.

The trio is actively writing, recording, and rehearsing. A new single called 'The Cold Delight' is expected in January 2021.

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