Thursday, November 5, 2020

Bandcamp Friday November 6th

Times are hard and economy bad. Spending hard cash on music is, naturally, not a priority for most. But if you're inclined to do so, then know that November 6th is Bandcamp Friday, which means that artists and bands receive every penny from sales. Suggestions follow. ..



Up for grabs is the lovely little cassette tape of Wallpaper Silhouettes' first album entitled 'Echo the World (We Live In)'.

The tape was manufactured and released in 2004. Only 300 were made. Unfortunately for us, the early noughties was not a good time for releasing tapes as interest for that particular media was pretty much non-existent, quite contrary to what we have seen in recent years with the rise of tape labels and sales and such.

So, basically no outlets were able to stock it back then because, as one of them told us, "we don't have a stand for cassettes"!

Thus - long story cut short - most of the tapes were distributed along with some sort of marketing pitch around our hometown.

Needless to say, these are practically impossible to come by.

On offer here is one of my two personal copies. The tape is chromedioxid (CrO2 or Type II) without noise reduction (N.R. OFF). It was manufactured in the Czech Republic. I have played it in the past and have tested it again and it plays fine with just a slight amount of wow and flutter, most notably on side 2. Some marks on the plastic case. The inlay is good. I'd rate it VERY GOOD+ in accordance to the Record Collector grading chart.

If this stirs your interest, then please go here when Bandcamp Friday begins (more on this below):

It's a "first to the mill" thing of course, and the sale is directly supporting our musical activities.

Price: EUR 25 + postage



A bundle that includes the 'Hollow Earth' CD and the very limited Norwegian glossy A4 promo folder that were sent out with initial promo copies of the record. There are only 5 of these available, and when they're gone, they're gone.

Also included is a set of 3 promo (brag!) sheets that I am sure we mailed out in late 2005 or early 2006, a time when the band was both disoriented and unravelling. In addition, a small flyer is included, and I believe we handed these out on the streets of Oslo just hours before we played the penultimate Wallpaper Silhouettes gig. They were most certainly thrown away pretty quickly. So this bundle is somewhat riddled with the process of disintegration, I guess. Something for the rarity-hunter and diehard fan, if ever there was one.

The bundle will be available here:

Price: EUR 10 + postage



It's a short run of 100 copies only, and that surely means that you can't wait forever before getting yours (at least I hope not!!). Buying the CD enables you to download the album too. It's also possible to get the download only, of course!

Here's the deal: We will hook up the webcamera and play a tune live for each and everyone who buy the CD VERSION of 'Heart'. This deal is NOT specific to Bandcamp Friday, but will continue into the foreseeable future, and indeed, this is retroactive, so those who already bought it will also have the opportunity to receive a personal hello and tune via video stream. We are super excited about this and it'll be great fun for sure! We'll be in touch with you (our supporter, ehem! - fan!) so that we, together, can find a suitable time and platform.

'Heart' can be heard in full and bought on Bandcamp, here:

Price for CD: EUR 8 + postage

Download: EUR 5



If you fancy downloading music in full CD quality, we are offering a SHAMELESS 50 per cent discount when buying the entire discography! Oh my, that is shameless indeed!

See what you get:


All of these offers go online when Bandcamp Friday begins. The following website will tell you when:

And remember: Bandcamp Friday is a wonderful day for buying music from your treasured artists, whoever they may be!

Love and appreciation in difficult times,

mats and co. /painted romans and wallpaper silhouettes