Thursday, October 31, 2013

Power Ballad! A collaboration

The returning visitor will be aware of the total absence of new updates within these pages. That doesn't mean that there is absolutely nothing going on; indeed, I did publish a posting advertising that a new Painted Romans release is on the steps and due in 2013. However, while I'd be more than happy to elaborate on it here and now, let me rather try and stear your (highly appreciated!) attention towards a current collaboration project.

A few years back, marvellous experimental (multi)artist Patrick Wray, whom I'd already been corresponding with, approached me with the idea of collaborating on a tune that would carry some traits of a classical 80s power ballad. Mr Wray was in the process of writing and recording a new album at the time, one that is currently awaiting its anticipated release. Having already expressed my admiration for his music, I was very excited about both the concept and the possibility to contribute on his album.

So I went ahead and wrote and recorded an electronic piece; a sort of big sounding, rather bleak and slightly down-tempoed tune to which Mr Wray, utilising his extensive, well crafted and intriguing lyricist and singing skills, would write and perform the vocals. Thus having sent the musical piece to Mr Wray's place of residence, I waited...

The result blew me away! And seeing that we both feel that it turned out so successfully, it'll only be natural to collaborate again; an EP... However, this is not the time to elaborate on that either!

Do have a look and a listen to 'Power Ballad' here - and please: crank up the volume!

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